French polishing in St Albans

With over 35 years of upholstery repair and furniture restoration experience, Daniel Duggan is uniquely placed to offer high quality and extremely attractive French polishing on a whole range of furniture.
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What is French polishing?

French polishing is a type of wood finishing that creates an extremely distinctive and attractive effect. The high gloss finish enhances the natural grain and colour of the wood, which makes it ideal for antique pieces which feature ornate carving and rare woods.

Full restoration service

In addition to creating the beautiful French polish effect, we’ll also repair any underlying damage. Our furniture repair service is ideal for modern and antique pieces.

Furniture restoration

  • French polishing
  • Furniture scratch repairs
  • Furniture waxing
  • Furniture gilding
  • Furniture repair

The expert approach to furniture restoration and upholstery repair

In addition to French polish and furniture scratch repairs, we can also repair leather and perform upholstery repair. For a free quote on all of our services, please get in touch today.

Want antique furniture to shine again? Get a French polish job from the expert furniture restoration team in St Albans. Call for a free quote on

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